Friday, November 23, 2012


Young Olivia is intrigued by the spooky old dark house next door. Her best buddy, Lucas, tells her it's a wishing house – all you have to do to make your wish come true is throw rocks at it and break some glass!

Olivia and her classmates have an assignment to do before the holidays – My Impossible Wish. One of Olivia's classmates is a foster child whose impossible wish is to get a new, horrendously expensive bike for Christmas. Olivia goes to the wishing house and wishes the foster kid could get the bike he wants - without breaking any glass.

Olivia's wish is mysteriously granted, as are some more of the wishes she wanted for other people. Suddenly, the wishing house is besieged by rock-throwing kids.

Olivia wonders if the granted wishes have something to do with the strange blue light that emanates from inside the spooky old dark house at night. Could there be an angel in there, granting all these seemingly impossible Christmas wishes?

But Olivia is smart and curious and needs to find out exactly who, or what, is really behind all these granted wishes.

There's also a wee bit of a romance story too, for Olivia's single mom. One of Olivia's Christmas wishes is for her mom to find a husband.

This is a must-see Christmas family movie! It has a wonderful message of selflessness and giving to others, and is one of the best message movies I've ever seen.

The cast is superb, especially the two best friends, Olivia and Lucas played by Izabela Vidovic and Tyler Humphrey respectively. I've rarely seen two such incredibly talented kids in a movie. They are funny and adorable and you and your family will absolutely love this movie. Highly recommended.

And it's so new, 2012, there's not even a cover for it on Amazon yet at the time of posting.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mini Book Review - BAH, HUMBUG! - A Christmas Romance Novella by Heather Horrocks

Young divorcee Lexi Anderson is being hailed as the New Martha Stewart. Her two kids are big fans of a series of books written by Kyle Miller, a young curmudgeon, who just happens to be her next door neighbor. He's extra curmudgeonly right now, since he has writer's block and deadlines looming.

A long time Christmas-hater since his mother died on Christmas Eve many years ago, Kyle is blindsided by Lexi crashing into his life full of festive cheer and making him face things he'd rather forget.

This is a wonderful Christmas romance novella that will make you laugh out loud, and cry buckets, like it did me. If it doesn't you're a golem-like person made of clay!

Heather Horrocks has a no-nonsense style of writing, character driven, and tight prose. Do yourself a favor and read 'Bah, Humbug!' this Christmas when you have a moment to catch your breath between wrapping presents and trimming the tree. It's a quick, delightful wee novella full of holiday spirit.

And did I mention (at the time of this posting) it's FREE!